Will you be Covering up Your Legs This Summer?

If the answer is yes, then you are either extremely sun conscious, which I applaud . . . or you may be hiding something.

Over the last 11 years of treating both women and men with leg veins, I have seen the lengths (sorry for the pun) that people will go to in order to hide these unsightly facts of life.

As I write this blog today I’m actually doing a leg vein treatment on myself!

One client was so self-conscience about her veins she had worn jeans and long pants for 20 years, another couldn’t bare the thought of going to the beach with her family whilst on holidays - so she stayed in the room while her family enjoyed themselves and another simply couldn't bare her legs, not only in public but even in front her long-term husband.

I feel almost as much despair as my clients when I hear these stories. It's heartbreaking to hear how much an average person's self-confidence can suffer when the treatment, in most cases is simple, straightforward and very effective.

Some of the reluctance to have a treatment may come from misinformation and resultant anxiety.

Sometimes people think that nothing can be done, others think they need to undergo invasive surgical procedures in hospital and others worry about the pain involved in treatments.

As I write this blog today I’m actually doing a leg vein treatment on myself! With tiny injections of a salt solution at least half of my leg veins will fade away within a month. Yes, there’s a slight sting but I'm just like you - I don’t like my leg veins. Ultimately, the sting is irrelevant when I see the end result.

My patients tell me after getting their leg veins treated they have a new found confidence to show their legs over summer and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

If you’ve ever changed your outfit to cover leg veins or not gone on a beach holiday for fear of showing your legs, you don't have to put up with it. The expense on your self-esteem is far too great and the option to vein-free legs is just a phone call (and a few little pricks) away.

Dr Rachel