Fat Dissolving Injections

This is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment for double-chins. It consists of a series of injections of a compound that is found naturally in the body that breaks down fat cells. These cells are then absorbed and eliminated by the body.


The area to be treated is first anaesthetised using topical numbing cream. Once entirely numb, a small needle is used to inject small quantities of the product into the fat under the skin. The whole treatment itself takes about 30 minutes.

Note: you can also choose to use Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas) during the procedure.


Most patients tolerate the procedure reasonably well. Some patients have reported feeling a mild stinging sensation, but it’s over very quickly. You could experience mild to moderate degree of tenderness/ discomfort and swelling in the treated area for a few days after the treatment. We recommend oral painkillers such as Panadol and ice packs.

Most patients experience varying degree of swelling and bruising in the treated area. This can last for up to 5 days. Icing the treated area helps reduce the swelling quickly. Most patients see a visible improvement in the treated area 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment. A second or third treatment session may be required if more dramatic improvement is desired.


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