Cosmetic Treatments you can do Without Your Friends Knowing

 Now you may be more generous and open than I am but personally I love it when my friends say I’m looking well and youthful but are not sure if I’ve had any treatments. If they ask, I just blame it on stealing my wife’s moisturiser! So what tweaks can you do without it being obvious you had something “done”?


Anti-wrinkle Injections

I can’t name them here without our website getting taken down for violating government regulations but I’m sure you would have heard of these. They are probably our most important tool and have revolutionalised our industry. I mean what’s not to love about getting rid of your cranky frown lines, forehead horizontal train tracks, or crows feet around your eyes in the space of your lunch break? Now although I just made that sound light-hearted, we should not be flippant about it. It IS a medical procedure and results can certainly vary with the skill of the practitioner. Complications can also occur. What we want to achieve is softening of the lines but still maintaining movement in key areas like being able to raise your eyebrows and being able to smile normally. That way if someone asks, you can deny, deny, deny! For more information on anti-wrinkle injections please watch my short video here (please imbed link)


Laser Facials 

This is our second most popular treatment after anti-wrinkle injections. Another lunch-time procedure, this will give you great glowing skin for the next 6-8 weeks. It is not as relaxing and you’re not pampered like in a normal facial but we do induce a biological effect in your skin so that it can even out your tone, complexion, texture and pores. Again, all in the space of your lunch break with no downtime!


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the key to improving or enhancing contours. They may cause a little bit of swelling and bruising depending on the area treated however it is usually something that makeup can cover. More importantly it’s the skill and artistry of the practitioner to ensure the treatment is balanced and harmonious with your face so that your friends don’t take one look at you and know you’ve had your lips done! (Read more about what I mean in my previous blog)


Long Weekend Laser Peel (Fraxel Repair Laser)

Want fantastic skin for 12-18 months and able to lay low for 5 days? Then you may consider the Fraxel Repair laser. A stronger treatment than the laser facial, this will give you a much better result but you’ll be looking sunburnt then have some brown flaking. Most people are recovered after 5 days with fantastic tone, complexion and baby-smooth skin. Chelsea Handler loved the result (read more here). You will be helping to sell a lot of whatever moisturiser you tell your friends that you’ve been using to get that result!


Now obviously I want you to tell all your friends about the great treatments you’ve had done and recommend them to CCM, but if you choose not to, with the above “cheats” they would be none the wiser!