The Chin - A Star's Secret to the Perfect Profile

The power of a well proportioned chin is often an under-looked and a neglected facial feature.

As our skeletons age our bones lose mass. This happens to all of us and there’s no avoiding it however, it should be noted the loss of mass in the chin is relatively more significant and subject to a more noticeable affect on the appearance of ageing.  

The loss of mass around the chin leads to the appearance of worsening jowls, marionette lines, and fine lines around the mouth. Replacement of this bone loss with a thick filler can provide a strut to help make this seemingly “lazy” skin more taught. You could think of it like the “little plastic table” in the middle of your pizza…. Otherwise known as a Pizza Saver - except we like to engineer the process with a little more precision.

In younger people, who have not yet suffered the bony losses of age, chin fillers can be used to help correct a weak looking chin, improve the profile and jawline and improve the appearance of a round face shape. This can be seen in photos of Ivanka Trump. Whilst she appears to have had a rhinoplasty, she has also had chin volumisation. The combination has resulted in a beautiful profile and a less rounded face. This clever contouring has created the desirable upside down triangle shaped face that is thought to be a true sign of beauty, and I couldn’t agree more.

Even Angelina Jolie, who has long been considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world has had a little help in the chin and jawline department. The results are subtle and she still looks like herself. Even Angelina understands the power of a good chin.

If you have any questions about non-surgical chin augmentation or any other procedure then please get in touch - we love talking about cosmetic medicine. 

Dr Phoebe Jones