Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Not Naming Any Names But . . .

The 2nd of this blog series concerns anti-wrinkle injections.

Soft and natural rules!!!

“Stiff and stupid” is just that!

Cranky Lines, Forehead lines, Wolf Lines, Smokers Lines, Brow Lifting, Neck Bands, Jowl Line refining and Face Shaping are some, but by no means all, the domain of Anti-Wrinkle injections.

Together with home skin care (the subject of the last blog), they represent THE 2 KEY things we can do so that our skin looks its’ best both now and over the years ahead.

Highly purified Botulinum Toxin is what is used and there are 3 brands available in Australia.

Doctor’s aren’t allowed to name them by federal TGA laws (but journalists can – go figure!), so suffice to say I will use “BTX” to signify all the 3 brands from Galderma, Merz and Allergan. All three are produced by multinational and highly reputable companies.

At Concept Cosmetic Medicine we have all 3 brands but, all of our Dr’s feel a preference for the Galderma product.

It’s what we use on ourselves and our families. It’s not uncommon to receive feedback saying it works quicker and it lasts longer but also our Doctors feel it gives the best value for money at the moment.

Now while I’ve performed literally thousands of anti-wrinkle injections my key message has always remained the same - LESS IS MORE!

Soft and natural rules!!!

“Stiff and stupid” is just that!

Apart from the “#11” cranky lines between the eyebrows, ALL other areas of the face should be respected and left with enough movement to look and be natural. Any lines in the area treated will progressively soften and over time, will mostly fade anyway.


The amount of $$$ dependent on you’re your personal budget and skin maintenance goals and desires, but spread over more clinic visits.

No obvious ‘ups and downs’ of too heavy a result followed by too too much of a wear off. Just a smooth consistent result with analogous to hair colouring, never left to leave “GT stripes”.

Scheduled maintenance is the key to deliver a far better and more natural result.

If you don’t have a Medical Practitioner and we are too far away to discuss this more nuanced approach to Anti-Wrinkle injections, the list of Fellows and Members of the The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia is a good place to start. 

Next week I’ll discuss “next level” skin maintenance. When and why some may consider, the LASER FACIAL

Dr Neal