Fraxel, Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion: Which One For Me?

Which is better?

When we talk about microdermabrasion, we’re referring to a skin-exfoliating treatment used to improve the condition of acne scars and fine wrinkles. It removes portions of the epidermis and/or dermis, allowing for the regeneration of fresh, new, healthy-looking skin. This is a big treatment but it will last the next decade or so – it’s a big deal and has big results. We'll ask you for one to two weeks of your time for this particular treatment.

On a yearly or eighteen month basis, it’s the best buff and polish we can do.

When you come just for laser (or Fraxel) peeling we only ask you to give us three to four days of your time – most people can just go back to work and look a bit silly for a short time. On a yearly or eighteen month basis, it’s the best buff and polish we can do. It absolutely keeps you in your best condition. A laser peel doesn’t necessarily turn the clock back by a decade, but it keeps you in a time capsule so that in 10 years’ time your skin is looking better than it does now.  If you do this every year or eighteen months and do nothing else for your skin except look after it each night with whatever product you use, you can’t look after your skin any better.

Only the top-of-the-range Fraxel Repair System will do.

Why do we use a Fraxel System? Because we know it’s the best. But there’s a bit of confusion out there because there are various models of Fraxel. The company hasn’t given them names to differentiate the models!

When we talk about cars - Like Toyota (the brand), the company differentiates each model with names like Corolla, Camry, Lexus etc. When it comes to skin repair systems, there is little or no way to differentiate the machine to the untrained eye. It just says "Fraxel" on the machines.

The names of the Fraxel machines could be something like:

  • Fraxel Restore

  • Fraxel Refine

  • Fraxel Dual

  • Fraxel Repair

 . . . those are the terms we choose to use at CCM.

These four different types of Fraxel laser each do different things and understandably, most consumers are none-the-wiser of their power and purpose.

Let me explain:
Fraxel Restore was the first, that’s the ‘6-cylinder’.
They then brought out the Refine, this would be the 4 –cylinder. Not very powerful but very common - Like 1998 Corolla.
The Dual is bit more serious and is the ‘8-cylinder’ model.
However the Repair is the ’12-cylinder’ and would be the Formula 1 race car. Only to be driven by skilled professionals with a lot of experience - if you want to think of it that way.

Now, you can go to your local "shopping centre beautician" and have a Fraxel laser facial, sure. But they're using (and only allowed to use) the base model, ‘4-cylinder’ machines and in our opinion, it’s a waste of your money and won’t bring the results you need.

When we speak of using a Fraxel Laser at Concept Cosmetic Medicine, we’re talking the Formula 1 - V12! The Fraxel Repair - We wouldn’t use any other.

The Fraxel Repair can do everything that the other three machines before them can do, plus more. Sure, the Dual can do everything the other machines underneath can do, but it can’t do anything the V12 – Repair – can do above it.

We think you and your skin are worth the best, most long-lasting treatments and we invest heavily in providing you the latest and up-to-date in skincare technology and training.

If you have any more questions on Fraxel Laser Treatments please feel free to contact us, even just for a chat. There's absolutely no obligation to book in and we love "talking shop".

Dr Neal.