How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

How much anti wrinkle injections cost is often a factor in deciding whether to go ahead with a treatment. But you have to be careful in choosing a anti wrinkle injections based on price alone, as it’s likely that a cheap anti wrinkle injections service is an inferior treatment.

In our clinic, how much a anti-wrinkle injections costs depends on how much we’re going to use. We operate with the principle that the more anti-wrinkle injections you purchase from us, the less you will pay per unit. We do this so that you can afford the very best treatments we can give that will last a longer time. Our aim is to be the least expensive of all the reputable clinics in town.

Now why do we consider ourselves a reputable clinic? Because we only have qualified doctors who do these treatments. We use doctors so that we are confident you are getting the best treatments that will last as long as they can.

You certainly may be able to get cheap treatments elsewhere, but cheap treatments probably mean that you are not actually having enough of the material in the right place. The best analogy is filling your car up with petrol. You don’t just go in to buy $50 worth of petrol – you want to know how many litres of petrol have gone in.

We only provide doctors qualified to administer this treatment.

You should not have nurses injecting these products in an unsupervised and unauthorised way.
Ultimately, this is illegal.

In comparing anti-wrinkle injections, you need to consider whether it is a qualified doctor that is doing the anti wrinkle injections or if it is just a technician or nurse. If it is a nurse, which doctor is prescribing the anti-wrinkle injections? Who is going to be on the premises while the treatment is being done? Who is going to fix it if it doesn’t go right? And how much anti-wrinkle injection is going to be used and where is it going to be applied? These are all questions to ask when considering the price of anti-wrinkle injections.

If price is the only thing that matters, you can probably get it cheaper. But we’re of the opinion that cut-price cosmetic medicine is not a good idea. And this is one reason why at Concept Cosmetic Medicine we have qualified doctors on hand to prescribe, administer and supervise anti-wrinkle injections.

If it is a nurse injecting this prescribable drug without the direct contact of the medical practitioner at the time of prescribing it and overseeing it, it is both illegal and inappropriate. You should not have nurses injecting these products in an unsupervised and unauthorised way. Ultimately, this is illegal. It is no different to allowing someone without the appropriate ‘ticket to play’ (qualifications) to prescribe your blood pressure or diabetes medication or narcotics.

So how much do anti wrinkle injections cost? In a reputable clinic like ours, most people coming through for a anti wrinkle injections are paying $10 per unit. And the more that has to be used, the cheaper it will get. Rest assured, at Concept Cosmetic Medicine you will be receiving your treatments in a professional, safe manner by medical practitioners and you will receive the amount of anti wrinkle injections that will give you maximum results. This is your body you’re talking about – it deserves the best treatment. And remember, our pricing structure is fair.

Dr Neal.