Shining Light on Better-looking Skin

Our 3rd post in this blog series for better skin focusses on facials . . . “So our skin looks the same or better in 10 years time“.

Traditional Facials - Feel Fantastic Do OK

Laser Facials - Feel OK Do Fantastic

The first 2 blogs in this series concerned skin care and anti wrinkle injections.

This post continues the theme of medical grade skin maintenance with a discussion of “Laser Facials”.

Like anti-wrinkle injections, they can be done just when you want a “buff and polish”. They also can be part of a regular maintenance regime every 6-12 weeks, often in conjunction with a low dose, anti-wrinkle injection top up.

The term “Laser Facial” is a generic one and can mean different things to different practitioners, and different clinics.

Here at Concept Cosmetic Medicine, we use the term “Laser Facial” to describe a process that:


. . . And
- OK to do in parallel with TRADITIONAL FACIALS which feel so good - Albeit at different times.

All 3 Skin layers – Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutis are treated with various laser and topical treatments.

By doing this, people not only feel a “wow” that lasts for weeks/months after, but little by little changes the architecture of the skin to be more youthful.

The regular use of “Laser Facials” also allows to go on regular ‘Blemish Hunts’ where a ‘real life photoshopping’ of capillaries, pigments and barnacles means they don’t ever get out of control.

I recently spoke with Ada Nicodemou, of Channel 7’s Home and Away amongst other TV and movie fame. We talk about the importance of laser facials in the world of HD TV, as well as discuss a more general cosmetic industry overview.

Dr Neal